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Preserved artificial tears (Oasis TEARS MULTIDOSE)

  • Most artificial tears contain preservatives 
  • Usually available in multiple-dose bottles 
  • Recommended for patients using drops less than 4 times per day 

 Preservative-free artificial tears (Oasis TEARS)

  • Recommended for patients with sensitive eyes 
  • Recommended for patients on chronic eye medications
  •  Usually available in single-use vials

What are Lubricant eye drops?

 Lubricant eye drops are artificial tears that replace the moisture that is lost on your eyes surface. The viscousness of artificial tears such as Oasis TEARS®  lubricate the eyes to relieve the gritty dry sensations that cause irritation.

Oasis TEARS® can be used as needed to relieve dry eye symptoms.

No. Artificial tears (lubricating drops) are specifically used to treat dry eye, and are different from decongestants, contact lens rewetting solutions, or prescription eye drops.

Artificial tears

  • Specially made to treat dry eyes by moisturizing and soothing the surface of the eyes for symptoms that include a dry, scratchy or gritty sensation
  • Oasis TEARS is an artificial tear that lubricates and protects against irritants


  • Used to remove redness due to irritation; works by shrinking the blood vessels to make eyes whiter
  • Treats red eyes, but does not treat dry eye problems

Contact lens rewetting solutions

  • Relieves dryness and irritation that may occur with contact lens wear
  • Rewetting solutions are only for contact lenses while in the eye

What makes Oasis TEARS lubricating eye drops different from other artificial tears?

Oasis TEARS is a preservative-free, viscoadaptive, lubricating eye drop formulation with the active ingredient, glycerin, to keep tears on the eye surface for a long time. 

This unique combination lubricates and moisturizes the surface of the eye for instant comfort. With each blink of the eye, it re-lubricates to provide long-lasting relief.


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